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What is the tournament?
Dear Primers,

Let's explain in detail what the tournament is.

  torneo.pngclick on the trophy icon in the left menu


We move according to the description, we must register first.
Join this tournament and follow the conditions below on the right of a blue section of the text will be clicked here and we do the registration.

Now that you have 5,000 units in your mind about what 3,000 units are going to use these units, we'll describe them as well.

After performing our registration in Alpha missions, the arsenal will rank according to your number of misses and how is the arsenal organized?

We come to the fleet part of the alpha task hostal we want to send a fleet we create and save a record as below first this registration process for you to send the hostal automatically


We have created our record above the numbers are prepared as an example you can send your fleets as an extra ultra-transformer or any conversion to include.
In the lower left part of the task section there is the task below it will be better explained in the pictures from there we can choose our mission there is a significant amount of the amount of the number of fleet will do with the number of times automatically.
Click on the Save button and then click on the galaxy icon and click on the space at the bottom left


For the first submission, we write our fleets and the trajectory section is selected.

go ahead 


The galaxy and system remain the same as the target, but we are entering the number 21 of the coordinate.


'' Hostal ''

We mark and


We say our aim Barbarians or pirates or others with the mouse on what we can find what we can find the difficulty and what we can come up with an article that says we continue to make our choice and continue.

The situation is the same for all flights and hostal tasks.

Let's continue the units;

Here we will win the 1st place 2nd and 3rd unit units you will obtain these units in the main menu full middle upper part of the anti item when you come with a mause as in the picture below a portion will be opened in the middle part of the honor (honor) when you click on the honor of the anti-substance You can exchange.

Arsenal is what you can enter the main menu as the arsenal of the topic is unified under them in this subject under them, let's explain the following section of the slices section of our hostal and expeditions that we can add them to the sections that we have 0

The example is the top laser gun we can raise it, or we can put the arsenals on sale.



OGame Prime Team

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